Inspiring Big Dreams

The Martha Nino Foundation provides our community—regardless of race, or socioeconomic status, the opportunity to develop skills and confidence to open new doors.

A Spark Ignites

In 2019, the convergence of Martha Niño's personal and professional spheres unfolded when she was a keynote speaker at Adobe (The Photoshop Company), her workplace for nearly two decades. Those pivotal 14 minutes on stage marked a transformative moment in her life. Recognizing the potential impact of her narrative, she embarked on authoring a book that delved into her struggles. Collaborating with Book Fairies, Martha has facilitated the donation of thousands of copies of her book, to empower young individuals with her message of hope. The culmination of these efforts led to the establishment of the Martha Niño Foundation in 2023, which is dedicated to helping young people be empowered to tell their own stories and use this to propel them to overcome challenges and achieve success in their lives.

At the Forefront of the Movement

We are fortunate to have highly committed and enthusiastic leaders leading our efforts.


Martha Niño

Martha, born in poverty in central Mexico, defied the odds by immigrating to the United States with her parents as a baby. Despite facing adversity, she embarked on a remarkable career in Silicon Valley spanning over 25 years, excelling in hardware, software, and mobile technologies. As one of the only 2% of Latinas in her field, Martha's journey was not a solitary effort, but a testament to the support of those who recognized her value and believed in her. Beyond her tech achievements, she is a writer, speaker, and advocate for underserved communities. Martha, who remained silent about her beginnings for years, now openly shares her experiences to inspire others, proving that the impossible is indeed possible.


Ineke Boscarino

Ineke has been an educator for nearly 20 years and an operations director for both an educational nonprofit and a private corporation. She became passionate early on about educational equity for ALL, meaning first-gen students, underrepresented racial groups, and really any students who don't have the connections and resources to help them make decisions for their future. She is committed to breaking the barriers that exist for these youth . . . simply because of what they don’t know, or they haven’t seen.

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